In a hidden street in historic Savannah,

I met Morgan, for the second time, when the beautiful soul “Sam” Mathuson Anthony invited me to his 39th St. apartment to photograph him for a class assignment. Turns out Morgan and I had met, for the first time, year or so earlier on a pre-SCAD trip in Columbus, Ohio. That friendship lost touch, but was destined to be, because in the fall of 2016, after our reintroduction through Sam— I invaded Adler’s shared apartment (with writer/artist/pie enthusiast Chloe Allyn) on Jefferson for the light and stayed for the wine and Louis (that’s the cat). Albeit the most informal in this trip of studio visits— this visit in fall of 2016 still marks the beginning of our favorite tradition; taking stock of growth in self and art, and, of course, catching the cat.

morgan 6.jpg
morgan n louis2.jpg